Color Babylon Towers


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Color Babylon Towers

Remove one block at a time from the tower as to the dice, and stack it on top. The last player to stack a block without making the tower fall wins the game.

One player builds the tower on a flat, sturdy surface by using the loading tray. Place three blocks in each layer, at  right angles to the previous layer. The layers must be  placed in a fixed order of colors ( 3 red blocks layer , then   3 blue blocks layer  and so forth)  When you finish you'll have a solid 18-story tower that  can reach more than double height  during play!

 Use the loading tray to set the tower upright.  Carefully slide the tray away, and put it aside.


Age : 8+

Package : Shrink 

Weight :750 gm

Size : 85*85*240 mm