What's the perfect way to turn your love of games and brainteasers into a successful and profitable business? Gaya’s franchises offer a great opportunity of both a fun work environment and a business system that has been proven time and again to be successful for the franchise owner. Franchising relies on the support and traning giving by us and the business model itself to ensure that new franchises are run well and are profitable.

 Who are we?

Gaya was established in 1997 – selling our games as a distributer to gift shops around the country, our first store opened in 2004 in Tel-Aviv and from there we made our way up, spreading to a chain of 10 stores – self owned. Our first franchised store opened in 2014 in Ashdod and another one will open soon, in early 2015, at the new Hahula mall.


We solidified ourselves as Israel’s leading chain of unique games stores, offering our clients everything from brainteasers, board games, children’s games, to mechanical puzzles, and beside the products - The advice. Because we don't just sell, we play. 

Currently we are expanding and developing our brand internationally to create exciting retail games franchise opportunities.

The Gaya Franchise.  

  • We are the manufacturer! Importing directly from our factory ensures high margins that you are unfamiliar with.
  • We are able to provide a unique opportunity when it comes to opening up and running a franchised game store – as self-owners we know some of the potential hurdles you may be facing, and the best ways to overcome them.
  • We offer a proven, unique business model, with outstanding systems and support for you as a franchise owner. We understand there are many different franchise opportunities on the market today and that choosing the right franchise for you is about finding the right fit.
  • The budget needed to get started is not high.

 What can you bring along? 

  • A genuine love for our unique products.
  • Strong communication and organization skills to work with your new customers.
  • Ability to market, to build and to retain a customer base.
  • The motivation and dedication to drive your new business.
  • The capacity to work hard in your new business with the support of your family.
  • The financial capacity to purchase the franchise and fund its startup period.

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