You probably know that magical feeling of victory and satisfaction when solving a challenging puzzle or mind game.
At GAYA, you will experience many of these magical moments…
In our day and age, when we are constantly overworked and surrounded by computers,
the Internet, cable television and other technology, sometimes all we want is a break- the chance
to give our tired eyes some rest; the chance to use our minds in different, more natural,
more interesting and more rewarding ways. We at GAYA have developed the perfect solution to fulfill this desire- GAYA’s Games,
the ultimate way to enjoy quality downtime, combining refreshing intellectual stimulation with pure fun. Only great puzzles, and great fun.
Since 1997, GAYA Enterprises has specialized in designing and developing hand-made puzzles and intellectual games,
of an astonishing variety, made of all-natural wood. All of GAYA’s products meet the highest American and European environmental standards.
Our uniquely designed games make perfect gifts for loved ones, and have the double advantage of being intellectually stimulating
as well as aesthetically interesting and pleasing, thus ensuring that they become the center of attention in any living room or office.

Thanks to the efforts of our talented development team, and to the strong relationships we have established with other first class inventors and
companies from around the world, we are now proud members of the International “Puzzlers’” Association, and regularly share our knowledge
and expertise with other distinguished members, among them the US, Germany, Finland, South Africa, Mexico and Russia.  

We are very proud to present our Games & Puzzles collection. Let us bring some magical moments to you and yours…

Gaya Games and Puzzle.
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