A Strategy Game Tirolean Roulette


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Tirolean Roulette

 Players take turns at spinning the top in order to knock as many balls as possible into the colored holes and hollows at the edge of the board. The Number of points that count is shown by the figure on each hole.

  • The score of the red balls counts double whereby the score of the green ball is subtracted.
  • Any ball that are knocked into the holes at the four corners, the Player get the points that are marked next to the hole but the ball in out for the rest of the game.
  • If the player scores with all six balls from one spin of the top he gets another go.

There are many variations to play the game. For example : the green balls can get point only of the red ball is knocked into the hollow as well  or You can play using only two red balls and two green balls (using the original rules) .And many more ...


So use your imagination and creating roles and enjoy…

Age : 8+

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