Clever Hans


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First we owe you an explanation...

Clever Hans was a horse that was claimed to have been able to perform arithmetic and other intellectual tasks, by tapping his hoof the correct answer.

The subject of the game is to make four in a row (horizontal , vertical or diagonal) on the inner square .

Player move their tiles like “knight move” or "horse" in chess (like Hans :-)) .

During the game, the players are moving on the board with their tiles. A player can put a tile on another tile already placed on the board. There could be no more than three tiles on one square.
In order to win, players must make a line of 4 tiles only in the inner board (the 4X4 board) .
A line could be in different heights. 

Don't let the simple rules of Paradux fool you into thinking it's a simple game. The strategy of the game will go as far as your wits can take it.

A Gaya- The Art of Thinking original strategy game for two players.
Inventor: Haim Ephraim


Age : 8+

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