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Our lovely fishing game is composed of 2 fishing rods with
magnets on a string, 3 types of fish, 3 types of crab and 3
types of octopus, each type comes in 3 basic colors (red,
blue and yellow) and 2 dice : one indicating the type of marine
life and the other indicating the color for the children to fish.

They will enjoy and learn about various colors and types of
marine life, once both dice are thrown, by using the fishing
rods to quickly catch the corresponding type and color of that
marine life.


Age : 3+

Package : beautiful color carton

Size :Dice size - W 2.8 x L 2.8 x H 2.8 cm. ; W 1 1/8 x L 1 1/8 x H 1 1/8 in.

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Tags: 3+, Kids
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