Why BrainTeasers?

Everybody knows that it is highly important to keep our body healthy, but what about our brain?
A healthy brain works better, longer, keeping memory accurate and thought processes clear.
In order to stimulate the brain and increase the connections between brain cells we must regularly exercise our brain.
Research is finally demonstrating that our brains do better in the long term if they are exposed to novel activities such as assembling puzzles,
playing strategic games, analyzing and solving problems, thinking outside the box, practicing your memory, and always trying harder.
Gaya Games and puzzles can provide the challenge for your brain needs. Solving puzzles for just 10 minutes a day, or playing with a partner,
can have offer significant long-term benefits to your brain.
Don’t forget to enjoy the puzzle you are playing with, and remember that the effort you put in will increase the sense of accomplishment when solving.
Remember that a variety of activities is important to maximize the benefit you get from working logic puzzles.  Don’t just focus on one type of puzzle. 
Instead, change up your brain workout by trying a variety of brain teasers.  Even if you don’t solve a puzzle, your brain will still receive an excellent
and much-needed workout.